A Specialty Store For Women
Est. 2016

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A Specialty Store For Women
1997 – 2007
Resurrected 2019

For the love of shoes,

Once more, Blue Suede Shoes is open in Marble Falls, Texas. Now located inside The Market on H, at 206 Avenue H, the same rich, retail tradition that started long ago is beginning again. From early 1997, through spring of 2007, Blue Suede Shoes was home to dozens of wonderful shoe designs and specialty jewelry and accessories.

Today you’ll fall in love again with the tried and true brand name shoes you’re sure to remember and others you’ll most certainly enjoy getting to know.

Visit soon and visit often to enjoy the experience that is Blue Suede Shoes. We think you’ll be delighted!


Andrea Barnett has a gift for creating jewelry that is as feminine and beautiful as it is innovative and timeless. The care with which her jewelry is made delivers such a high-quality item that with only a glance it’s easy to see how truly special it is.

Andrea mixes semi-precious stones, gold bronze and sterling silver with vintage chains, beads, rhinestones, and cubic zirconia. She draws her inspiration from the many antique and vintage keepsakes she collected during her trips abroad as an interior designer.

These priceless vintage charms, crosses, and religious medals are molded and cast by her company which allows her to incorporate them into her designs. Many of these replicas are double-sided and reveal age-old messages.

Andrea is a few and far between, extraordinary talent and has been represented in Blue Suede Shoes since 1997. Her jewelry is to be treasured and her collectors do. We are honored to have her designs in the store once again.

All Andrea Barnett jewelry is original to the designer. The components are made in the USA and the jewelry itself is handmade in Dallas, Texas, by Andrea and her staff of female artisans.


Brahmin’s message to us:


We’re proud to be a true-to-our-roots brand with a big vision. 100% percent of our products are designed in Massachusetts using luxury leathers from Italy and around the globe.


New England:  A term used to describe someone who is cultured and of the most discerning taste.

Today our name simply conveys our mission, to create high-quality, handcrafted products that stand the test of time and look the part.


We act with integrity in all we do, because we don’t see any other way.


Helen Kaminski is a heritage founded on craftsmanship and sustainability. A future focused on authenticity, design and innovation.

In 1983, brand founder Helen Marie Kaminski handcrafted a raffia hat to protect her children from the searing Australian sun. Soon, her distinctive design was being coveted by small country boutiques where it was exposed to the style set. Barely a year after creating her first hat by hand, an editor from Vogue featured the ‘Classic 5’, in an editorial spread. An influx of interest followed from retailers, consumers, stylists and celebrities.

Helen Kaminski products are made using the finest Madagascan raffia and seamlessly hand crocheted to create a unique, signature style. Raffia is innately pliant, supple and offers a natural water resistance which delivers a durable resilience to prevent cracking and brittleness over time. When used, milled cow leather combines a luxurious look and feel with durability.

In 2012, the company established a dedicated workshop in a Sri Lankan village that was badly affected by the 2004 Tsunami. Today the workshop employs over 350 craftspeople who skillfully hand make raffia braid and crochet pieces; with a further 400 paid craftspeople in training. Helen Kaminski workshops offer stable employment, ongoing training, skill development and above average wages.


Hammitt’s message to us:

In 2008, we dreamt of radically redesigning the contemporary handbag experience. A small team of beach dwellers began carving out a new, customer-focused world: A world where form meets function, price integrity triumphs and lifetime promises reign supreme. Oh, and we learned how to throw a really good party. Just ask our over 800 retail partners and fervent hometown crowd.

We design to surprise and delight with every innovation, staying one step ahead of your wildest wish lists. Whether it’s an accessible cell phone pocket, pull-out changing pad, six-way reversibility or straps that adjust for every height, there are nuggets of functionality in every Hammitt silhouette. Cheers to that.

Our team travels from the cobblestones of Europe to the quietest corners of Asia, bringing home high quality materials that last. Then, we work to make them all available to you at accessible price points. When you hold a Hammitt’s buttery leather and polished rivets, you hold the world in your hands.

Every Hammitt is imagined, sketched and tested steps from the Hermosa Beach shore. Our designer might be a mermaid. When you invest in a Hammitt, we don’t take your faith for granted. We guarantee every piece of signature hardware and every smooth-gliding zipper forever. Pinky swear.



Sarah Cavender is the brainchild behind Sarah Cavender Metalworks that produces an amazing collection of intricately woven metal wire products that includes metal mesh handbags. These products are celebrity favorites and are often featured in top fashion magazines such as Vogue, Mademoiselle, InStyle, and Glamour.

Sarah’s talent is obvious. One look at her work and you cannot help but admire the forethought and creativity behind the design and assembly of her collections. Each has its own unique beauty and “wow” factor. No two are alike as all are individually constructed. Each production is a 3 week labor of love.

Sarah Cavender Metalworks productions are handmade in Oxford, Alabama.


Whiting & Davis has been joining little metal tiles into shimmering sheets of possibility since 1876. They are the oldest handbag company in the United States, and 2020 marks 144 years in business! If you haven’t already, come discover the luxurious feel of top quality brass metal mesh – the hallmark of their success.

During the 1930’s, the early stage and screen actresses began the celebrity trend that continues today. Well dressed women such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Nicole Kidman, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Shakira and countless others choose this brand for its iconic heritage, versatility and irresistible allure.

Whiting & Davis is inspired by the past and present and continues to produce unique, beautifully constructed, functional pieces. One can be sure generations of women have passed down these timeless treasures to their daughters and grand-daughters.

In the words of Whiting & Davis, these bags “capture the light, they capture the eye, they capture hearts.”


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